Our team approaches every opportunity as operators. We favor frank dialogue and open minds though we place significant weight on processes and transparency. Even though we look at market size and team depth in priority, we also never overlook the fact that strategies evolve. That is why we always lean towards a strong team before we delve into the potential of the company.

We like to invest while the company in on the growth pattern so we can contribute to building the company with the management team. Our goal is to be involved operationally with the management team, so we can drive synergies with the other companies in our portfolio, by cross-selling a wide variety of services and skill sets to large customers, by cross-pollinating our corporate partnerships, and by leveraging our presence in certain markets to diversify the revenue stream of each of our portfolio companies. We also focus on helping to strengthen the management team as the company grows.

We invest for the long term, and have demonstrated time and again that we are there when management teams need us the most. Companies go through positive and negative cycles, miss milestones, express the need for new leadership. Our team has lived through those cycles with many teams and portfolio companies and has demonstrated the ability to add value.